Created in honor of George Keown (GK), GK Legacy Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization helping Arizona residents, age 25 and older, better their lives through education. 

When the Keown family lost George to cancer in 2018, they wanted to honor him in a way that would live up to the great man he was. He valued perseverance and determination, and the Keowns wanted his legacy to exemplify those values.  
“Keep your chin up, kid...” George spoke those words often to his family whenever they faced adversity and he inspired them to stay positive and keep going.  Now they are using those words to inspire others to do the same.  


In 2019, the family created the Keep Your Chin Up Scholarship Fund, offering tuition assistance to adults 25 and older living in Arizona.  In 2020, during the global pandemic, they also created an additional scholarship, the Healthcare Heroes Scholarship offering tuition assistance to those majoring in the healthcare field.  


Adults face so many obstacles when going back to school and we want to provide them with a “hand up” and encourage them to overcome their challenges,” said Peggy Baze, Founder and CEO of GK Legacy Foundation. “Their stories are heartwarming, motivating, and the epitome of perseverance and determination.”, Baze said.

In Memory of George ("GK") Keown 
"Keep your chin up, kid."


G E O R G E   K E O W N

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